About Us- The Designer

Lanika Coore, a young entrepreneur, owner and designer for LanniC, is a sophisticated, energetic and open-minded woman, offering her personality and experience in modeling, fashion voluntary tasks, shopping and brand ambassador services within the fashion industry.
She was inspired by the struggled she faced growing up within the Caribbean region. The struggle
of not being able to locate the right clothing piece that complemented the empowerment of a woman.
With her love for fashion, and skills in art and needlework, she attended the Montego Bay Community College and received
her degree in Fashion & Clothing in 2012. Education alone wasn't enough, she voluntary to work at fashion shows and a tailoring industry to gain more professional experiences.
These exposure thought her stylish tips that could be easily implemented to create flawless looks. Then, she started wearing her own designs.
She instantly started receiving positive feedbacks and order requests from women.
Thus, giving her the chance to develop LanniC, a brand that will bring an aspiring taste to female's wardrobe.
In June 2016, she showcased her clothing line international, for the first time at New York Summer Fashion
Explosion (NYSFE), situated in Manhattan City. She firmly secured her status as a female
entrepreneur, dedicated to offering amazing quality garments.
Thus, leading to the creation of ShopLanniC.com.
ShopLanniC.com is a wow-factor online boutique that carries a variety of
trailblazing, high quality ready to wear and custom made collections. No matter your size or shape,
it's an online boutique that takes pride in creating each piece.
Exposure inspired her to do a launch event for her brand within the Caribbean region.
In January 2017, she held her first top-notched Pop-Up Shop which was located at Deja Resort, Montego Bay.
Her aim was to promote and market her collection, resulting in a beneficial event.
Blossoming in a brand which speaks for itself. Letting every woman appreciate luxury, because
there is no limited when it comes onto making yourself feel and look damn good.
Her journey doesn't stops here, she plans to collarbate with more establish organizations within the magazine and fashion industry. 
doing more fashion events, participating in Internationally fashion shows which gears towards
developing more business relationships and marketing opportunity.